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Travel insurances for stays in the Schengen Area

Best travel insurance benefits for trips to and stays in Europe available to anyone entering the Schengen Area. Our Schengen Travel Insurances are applicable to all travel purposes: private visits, semesters at a European university, apprenticeship in a Schengen member country, research stay, scholarship or au pair stay in Europe, business trip or postings to Europe.

All Schengen health insurances are meeting requirements of applications for Schengen visa.

Please chose the travel insurance coverage you prefer for your next trip to Europe: Schengen health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, travel baggage insurance, travel cancellation insurance also covering visa rejections.

Schengen travel insurance coverage for private, professional and education-related trips to Europe

Persons from places all over the world preparing for a stay in the Schengen Area do require comprehensive health insurance coverage as well as further travel insurances. We are offering Schengen travel insurances applicable to all kinds of stays in Europe from 1 day to 5 years. Bookings are recommended to be made before departure, but also possible after entry to Schengen member states. All Schengen health insurances offered are valid for Schengen visa applications.

Please chose from a full range of cheap incoming travel insurances for Europe and combine your Schengen Health Insurance with further insurance coverage: Accident insurance, liability insurance, travel cancellation insurance also covering visa refusal or travel baggage insurance. Expats are offered extraordinarily comprehensive Expat Insurances for long-term stays or postings to Europe.

Trips to Europe (Schengen Area)

Schengen health insurances are valid for all travel purposes and private, professional or educational stays in Europe: visits to relatives, holiday or cultural trips, students studying at a European university, PdD candidates, scholarship students, au pairs with homestay families in Europe, language students, school exchange, traineeship, business trip to the Schengen Area or employers looking for expat insurances for posting of employees to Schengen member countries.

best Schengen health insurance

Semester abroad in Europe

Students from abroad preparing for a semester at a European university require health insurance coverage valid for stays in Schengen member countries. Our Schengen travel insurances make sure that visiting students are covered at best during their stay in Europe: health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, baggage insurance valid all over the Schengen Area. Bookings are possible before and after entry to Schengen countries.

Schengen health insurance for students

Schengen Health Insurance

All health insurances on offer fully meet requirements set for applications for a Schengen visa: coverage both for in-patient and outpatient medical treatments or casualties including return transport for medical reasons, valid all over the Schengen Area for the entire period of stay from 1 day to 5 years and offering an insured sum of at least 30,000 €. All policies expressly show a written confirmation that these requirements are met and can be used for visa applications.

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